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“We all need wisdom, but where can we find insights that lead us deeper into our relationship with God? Dan and Ron come to the rescue with The Wisdom Challenge, a terrific resource that sets forth a sustainable path for pursuing and growing in God's wisdom for a lifetime. If you want a heart of wisdom, The Wisdom Challenge is for you!”

Lee Strobel
New York Times best-selling author
Founding Director,
The Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics
Colorado Christian University

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About The Wisdom Challenge
Pursue. Partner. Pass It On.
People have been deriving wisdom from Solomon’s writings for thousands of years. The Wisdom Challenge unlocks the secret to a sustained approach of acquiring wisdom that profoundly changes you. Join authors Dan and Ron as they share a simple, effective strategy for pursuing wisdom, partnering in the pursuit, and passing it along.
Take up The Wisdom Challenge and discover
knowledge that brings success,
understanding that nurtures relationships,
insight for increased wealth, and
discernment in leading others.

Develop a deep hunger for wisdom as you engage in the book of Proverbs with your Proverbs Partner.


Demonstrate a life-long pursuit of wisdom while you impact others to do the same.