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What is The Wisdom Challenge?

It’s a simple three-step process that will change your life and the lives of those you share it with.

The three steps are:


Read a chapter of Proverbs everyday to pursue wisdom.


Invite a Proverbs Partner to read the same chapter of Proverbs, and through text, email or a quick phone call, share a brief reflection about the verse or insight that impacted you.

Pass It On

Challenge your Proverbs Partner to invite someone else to take The Wisdom Challenge with him or her at the start of the next month.

When you do these three steps every month for 12 months, you can grow your Wisdom Tree and potentially impact thousands of people.


To learn more about The Wisdom Challenge, read and share The Wisdom Challenge book and register for The Wisdom Seminar, a free multimedia experience that can set you on a lifetime journey of growing in wisdom and gaining the unbelievable benefits that wisdom brings. You can complete the entire seminar in 1-2 hours and change your life forever!