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The Wisdom Seminar is a free two-hour multimedia experience designed to help wisdom-seekers set out on a lifetime journey of pursuing, finding, and growing in wisdom. The seminar is comprised of 10 core videos ranging from 2 to 6 minutes in length as well as many other optional videos to help you refine your skills in pursuing wisdom.

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Session 1: Pursue

Session 2: Partner and Pass It On

Core #6 Finding Proverbs Partners 3:07
Optional Wisdom or Jesus? 5:19
Optional Wisdom, The $259 Trillion Fish 5:08
Optional Lessons in Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom 2:32
Core #7 Growing Your Wisdom Tree 2:48
Core #8 Invitation to The Wisdom Society 1:39
Optional 19 Ways to Add Years to Your Life 3:11
Core #9 The Ultimate Philanthropy 4:29