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The Wisdom Seminar

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The Wisdom Seminar for Pastors and Leaders is designed to equip pastors, leaders, parents, and teachers to present all of the core and optional videos of The Wisdom Seminar as well as providing you with brief talking points for introducing and reflecting on the videos.

After attending The Wisdom Seminar for Pastors and Leaders, you will have the opportunity to be certified to present The Wisdom Seminar to your church, group, family or class.

Pastors and leaders who agree with these five affirmations may be certified to present The Wisdom Seminar:

  • I have attended all sessions of The Wisdom Seminar for Pastors and Leaders.
  • I genuinely affirm the Statement of Faith of The Wisdom Society (which is The Nicene Creed).
  • I agree to present The Wisdom Seminar materials free of charge.
  • I agree to report my results at each time I present The Wisdom Seminar.
  • I agree to show all core videos each time I present The Wisdom Seminar.

Once you affirm these five points, you will be given a password to access all materials for presenting The Wisdom Seminar, including:

  • The Master Presentation PowerPoint Document which allows you in person or online to easily navigate The Wisdom Seminar content.
  • All CORE and OPTIONAL Videos for The Wisdom Seminar. (These may be streamed directly from or they may be downloaded and presented from a local computer.)
  • The Kit for The Wisdom Challenge Churchwide Campaign, including four wisdom sermons for your use and adaptation in your own preaching and/or teaching.

If you would like to attend The Wisdom Seminar for Pastors and Leaders, please visit the Seminar Calendar page.

If you have already attended The Wisdom Seminar for Pastors and Leaders and would like to become a certified presenter, visit the Presenter Certification Page here.

Access Presenter Resources here.