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The Wisdom Society is always free and joining offers many valuable benefits including:


Free Access to resources on the site and through email to help you pursue wisdom for a lifetime.
Free Access to My Wisdom Tree, a dynamic online tool for connecting you with others who you invite to join you in The Wisdom Challenge.
Free Access and registration for The Wisdom Seminar.
Free graphics for sharing your pursuit of wisdom on social media and through email.


The Wisdom Society has four levels of membership. These four levels are:


Basic Membership
Silver Membership
Gold Membership
Ruby Membership


Basic Membership has a single requirement: To want to grow in wisdom.

Silver Membership is reached when one successfully takes The Wisdom Challenge by going through the Book of Proverbs with a Proverbs Partner in one month.

Gold Membership is attained by doing The Wisdom Challenge with a different Proverbs Partner 12 times.

Ruby Membership is reached when one’s Wisdom Tree grows to 100 members.

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